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Hopelessly Devoted

16 Jan

I don’t know why I’m doing this. Maybe it’s because I really have no one else to talk to about it. 

I’ve been friends with him for about 8 years now .We started talking on msn about random things, getting to know each other. Seeing each other at school..ect, We had feeling for each others after 3 years well what can I say,he is like the perfect boyfriend from my point of view. He is charming, cute, handsome , silly, respectful , kind , he is just flawless but  because i was young and stupid and he didn’t gave me enough time  to change nothing happened i got so angry and i pretended that i’m in relationship with a guy after 2 days of our fight and then that relationship turned to be true for a year then i broke up.I believe he tried after i broke up but i was already broken and that made me blind i kept loving my ex for like 2 years.I always heard him talking and talking about girls he liked or girls he dated and lets be honest he’s too perfect  i thought i wasn’t good enough .People were jelous of our friendship and everything was okay until last year in march at my prom he came and because of him , my prom was totally the best day anyone could have,i wanted to hug and kiss him that day but  he’s in relationship since a year so i stopped my self  and to be honest it was so difficult. At 15 of may which is two months after my prom some feeling came on the stage he told me things i never knew,and vice versa,not too long after that talk,it was far more than a crush,since that talk i stared to change the way i talk,i stared to take care of what i’m saying , i drift away from  alot of people including the guys i know because well i love him and i came to the point where i can stop talking to all the people in this world just to be with him,He’s told me a few times he loves me,but it was like, during an argument or when we were playing around or a late night conversation when feelings come over,maybe i started the whole thing but he kept me there. but since four months everything changed he started to gave me the cold shoulder, I want him to be happy But lately he’s all i can think about. And it’s driving me crazy. the last thing was that i made him 100 reason why i love my best friend cards and i can tell he felt in love with them.I Think  i’ve been in love with him for the whole 8 years , i  was just stubborn to admit it..

Living Loved and Being Beautiful!

love is truth. love is freedom. love is grace for error. but fear is a liar.

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