Heaven on Earth

10 Jan

I wondered why whenever i feel sad or extremely happy i listen to trance..even tho my favourite music is rock.Well trance  is such a positive music , it gives you positive feelings and thoughts, it makes you feel like you are in another dimension, it makes you feel like you belong to another world,the ryhthm, the sound,the voices everything .It makes you feel calm, makes you fly,  IT MAKES YOU HAPPY.The definition of trance is a state of detachment from one’s immediate surroundings as if you are daydreaming, listener’s breathing, heart rate and brain wave activity have been shown to be affected by the beats of the trance music,rhythms stimulate brain wave activity, which is also experienced during sleep and has also been associated with relaxed, meditative and creative states.then it’s easy to imagine what it feels like to listen to trance music. It also effect your body that’s why its often played in nightclubs because the rhythm is easy to follow the listener will often feel energized.The effects of trance music have been associated with feelings of peace and well-being. , it give you peace of mind,Its more like Theta Brain Wave Meditation. And If you are going to try to listen to anything well here’s  something to start with .http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfdXbJptvos


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